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Catering for events such as weddings, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, etc., Emma is well qualified to deliver an amazing Glamping experience from sun up to sun down... through the night!

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Owning and operating one of the most popular and featured Filipino restaurants in Virginia, Emma attributes her success to how she spends her down time. A chef, a designer, and a lover of the outdoors, she has become an avid Glamper looking to escape her normally busy schedule. Now, she's looking to share her experience. Hence, Camp Emma was born. 

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Stoney, her fiancée and co-host, will insure that every Glamper has a safe and enjoyable Glamping experience. 

"We couldn't find Glamping in Virginia Beach to our liking, so we created our own experience and would love to share how luxurious Glamping with Camp Emma can be"

- Stoney

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